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Offering tax planning solutions to business owners.




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Retain Develop and Prosper (Advisors) are one of the most dynamic tax specialists for Accountants and Business Professionals in the UK today, producing financial results and new client opportunities whilst upholding the integrity and professionalism the industry requires.

We are a highly experienced and specialised team which has delivered tax planning solutions to many professional advisory firms nationwide with great success. We have many year’s experience providing innovative tax planning solutions for high net worth individuals and successful businesses.

 As no two clients circumstances are the same we offer tailored solutions to suit each unique scenario that is presented to us.  Our experience and proven history enables us to thoroughly assess a client’s current circumstances and future goals to deliver valuable tax strategies.

We firmly believe it is not only the robust creation of strategies which have sound commercial reasoning that is important but that also the correct implementation is followed.  As such, all our tax strategies are thoroughly scrutinised and go through a lengthy due diligence process before they can be presented to clients.  

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We offer free advice to business owners of key tax issues and opportunities that they should be aware of in order to protect their assets and preserve their private wealth.


Our services are provided through professional advisors:

  • Company and Individual Profit Extraction

  • Cash Extraction

  • Pension Solution

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Capital Gains

  • R&D Tax Credits

If you would like more detailed information on how we at RD&P can help you & your business, get in contact with us below.

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“Retain, Develop and Prosper (Advisors) take time to get to know their clients, communicate their advice and recommendations clearly and are easy to deal with. They have helped clients I’ve recommended to make substantial tax savings, both corporate and personal, as well as protecting my client’s future inheritance. I have no hesitation in recommending RDPA’s expertise and specialist tax skills to any business owner who would like to save tax."

“Retain, Develop and Prosper (Advisors) provided me with invaluable advice regarding management of my company finances which has led changes in the way we manage pensions and investment. This has led to a reduction in the annual corporation tax liability as a direct result.”

Business Owner, Nottinghamshire

“I have used the specialist tax skills of Retain, Develop and Prosper (Advisors) to help clients of mine minimise the tax they pay. Few clients seem to get good tax advice! Retain, Develop and Prosper (Advisors) are always completely straight forward about what is involved and easy to deal with. I enjoy working with them.”

Business Advisor, Buckinghamshire
IFA, Wiltshire




The Old Dairy,​

Home Farm,

Purley Village,

Purley on Thames,



Tel:  0845 519 7655

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